Avoid this company! On January 17, 2013 I purchased a laptop battery from the vendor's website - it was the top site in my Google search.

When I received the battery, I carefully inserted the battery into my laptop. The battery would not charge. I contacted the vendor, they sent some instructions which were followed precisely. After removing the battery from initial installation, the faulty battery connector had come loose, and when re-inserting the battery as instructed, the faulty connector caused damage to my laptop.

I immediately contacted the vendor about this serious issue. I was instructed to return the battery, at my own expense, for exchange or refund. I returned the battery, at my own expense, as instructed. Here was the response from the vendor: "Regarding to the RMA#B37052, our technician did a full detail test on your battery and find no issues/problems of this battery.

It can be fully charged and discharged normally. If the battery cannot be charged at the laptop, it may be the charging circuit on the mother board of the laptop is not working properly and need attention. In addition, the returned battery is found to be physical damage, the connector of the battery is broken, and this physical damage is not covered by our refund and exchange policy. Therefore, we have to return to this battery to you.

Please advice whether you would like us to ship this battery to you."

I have followed up numerous times, provided photographic evidence of the damage caused to my laptop, and have submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and to Google, and will continue to call them every day until they agree to refund my money. Again, avoid this company!

Monetary Loss: $54.

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